This is about the Black Hole Photo

“Look at this photograph”- Chad Kroeger

A photograph of nothing.

You get it because a black hole?

Yeah. So it’s real swell and um… damn. Funny how you can be at a loss for an event this unprecedented on a cosmic scale. Biological processes resulted in a species that made a composite recording of the light surrounding a singularity of infinite gravitational pull. Did I use the big words right? Whatever, really problem is I’m-

-late to the black hole blog party. As if blog posts about timeless objects have due dates. That thing will dissipate into the pure oblivion for buhgillion years yet in digital era a week is too late. And in the buhgillion years of dissipation I won’t be able to get those late points back.

Problem two. I forgot to research all about it. I forgot to watch Interstellar. And the Ted talks or the ted-x, or the V-Sauce, or the Veritasium. Now I can’t really drop the “top 5 black hole facts that will blow your mind”posts. I don’t have the knowledge on the subject to do that gravity visualization with a napkin. Do a sexy wink and throw in a “now check this out”. But the fact we can play around and riff off the image of an all –devouring death well makes me kinda proud. I’m proud of the “they” that did it. I’m proud of my suave engineering friend that captivated the room as he explained how we actually see the light from the back ever looped (or something). Shit, I’m even proud of the dismissive ones that squinted at the image, said “well why couldn’t they get a higher res photo”, then kept scrolling. It says a lot about you when you encounter an image of an all devouring death well. So I guess I find people’s consistent character commendable. Like damn even a galaxy munching black hole couldn’t kill your vibe or change your pace.

Yeah it’s just a picture of nothing. Just a picture, not the enigmatic godslayer itself that may hold theory of everything. Kinda undermines what I’m getting at. Maybe this anecdote will help…

Six years ago I was in lit class and we had to respond to the some pretentious ass quote or something about how the earth is small and insignificant and stuff. Most dudes did the emo- fetishistic thing where they try to out-self-deprecate each other to sound all deep. I think I was the only one in there that was like “hey now we count have little umph and pride”. No one thought that was deep.

I revisit that class discussion a lot. Like the light wrapping around around and around just outside the event horizon. Who was in the right? The moody angsty teens that thinks the world doesn’t mean shit, or the moody angsty teen that just wanted to dissent?

And six years later, that low res composite image of a death well makes me feel better about what I said and am still convinced of it now. The universe is as beautiful as it is harrowing. Despite all the filters natural and artificial, these carbon based water blobs made it to visually record a location of everything and nothing all at once.

That’s a sweet thing, and the sun exploding, pessimistic seniors, or buhgillion years can’t unsweeten it. A photograph of a black hole-

“Every time I see it it makes me laugh.”

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